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Do you desire to grow in your faith while connecting with other believers that are the same life stage as you on a deeper level? Then continue discipleship groups are for you. Continue discipleship is a 16 course program that helps you understand what it means to live a life that is separated, and dedicated to serving Jesus.

Continue groups meet at 7pm on Wednesday nights. At this time, you and dozens of other believers will gather into groups and someone at your life stage that has been through our discipleship program will take time to walk you through the program and help you grow in your walk with God.

The cost for this is $20 per person. This includes your discipleship materials and snacks and drinks each night you gather.

  • $20Disciple Group
  • $0Discipler Group

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  • Jan 13
    6:00 pm
    Jan 13
    6:00 pm
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